[Bulletin Board Post]


Need an invention? Got something to repair? Want to make the impossible possible WITHOUT the use of magic?

[Without has been written in bright red crayon for effect. THIS IS A BIG THING FOR HER.]

Ever wanted to fly but you're stuck on the ground? Shoot a laser beam from your forehead without having a horn?

I can do it! I can make all your dreams come true for a low monthly payment that we'll agree on before I start anything. PS - If you are allergic to cats, you may wish to wear something to protect yourself, tee hee hee!


[There are pieces stuck on the board that have instructions on how to get in her cavern horn near Whinnysor Castle. Oh. Spooky.]

[Bulletin Board Post]

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?

Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?

Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter or ghost?

If the answer is yes, then please come to the old firehouse in East Bridlewood to share your story. My name is Dr. Egon Spengler, and I am a paranormal researcher who may be able to assist you in either debunking your haunting or putting a stop to it.

I'm ready to believe you.

((OOC: With much gratitude to Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis for the commercial that inspired this.))

Animals on the loose!

*It is a quite day in Bridlewood. The sun is shining, the flowers blooming, and the birds are singing. Hmm, the birds are singing very loud it seems like. Not just birds though. Other animals sounds can be heard. That is because there is a massive amount of animals running through all of Bridlewood. In the middle of it all is little fluttershy.*

*She has a little nurst hat on, and carrying a medical bag. Do you help the poor pony?*
All right high score!

Opening of a new shop

*In the shopping district one of the buildings has a grand opening sign on it. Streamers and balloons were around the store called, "The Prancing Pony Hobby Shop." And Outside it was a Red unicorn pony with red and yellow hair. Her cutie mark showed a flaming multi-sided dice. She has some flyers floating next to her.*

Hello my fellow ponies! Do you wish for adventure, romance, action, and mystery? Do you want to do things you never have done before, or can't even do. Do you have a love of the imaginative and fantasy? Then come into my shop, and I will show you that your dreams don't have to stay dreams with D&D and video games!

Our Shops are open.

Topspin opened the door to his new herb shop, pleased that he'd finally gotten it set up. There was a door between his shop and Roadbuster's, so he was keeping an eye on the cart shop while his brother slept in. After all, he could take orders just as well as Roadbuster, then they could work together on the elder brother's projects.

Not expecting much buisness. Topspin busied himself with checking some herb racks he'd set up, and collected the ones that were dry enough, intending to stow them properly.

(OOC: Open, feel free to come in if you're looking for either brother, medicinal or seasoning herbs or a cart made! Or even just come in to look around. We're your ponies.)

A Letter to the Princess

Dear Princess Celestia and Luna,

        It's come to my attention that there have been some rather scary events in the last few days. As you know, the Netherbarn is a relatively unknown place where ponies of another type live, and so far, did not seem to bother we ponies on this side. Since the kidnapping of your highness, however, I have noticed there have been a resurgence of Netherbarn ponies in Bridlewood, who either are simply here to talk, sometimes cause mischief. I am sure you are aware of their plan to eventually overthrow you both: they say it pretty freely and are confidant it will happen soon. The leader of the is the very pony who kidnapped you, Princess Luna, Overpony Zetta, While he is quite strong from what is told, he has so far not laid a hoof on any other ponies to date. This is not so for his henchman, Jack, who recently assaulted...somepony, and was the one who engaged us on our rescue mission.

Now I am just a simple earth pony who likes to create art and make friends when I can, but I am worried, with what I've seen, that trouble may come to Bridlewood soon. If there is anyway a sort of task of ponies, or the six that saved ponies before, can be brought about, it would certainly ease some of us concerned about what will happen soon.

           A concerned subject,

                    Genesis Amberlynn Rose

(no subject)

A lone cloud hung in the sky. It wasn't supposed to be there. The forecast today was sunny and clear!

From the top of a terribly tall building, a green blur exploded upwards as the provisional weatherpony leaped for the sky. Arcing powerfully upwards, his jump ended just as he reached the cloud. For a moment, the pony hung suspended in midair, before he turned on the axis of his body to hammer a rear hoof into the cloud.

The hoof passed into the cloud without touching it; this pony was not a pegasus. But a moment later, the sheer force of the kick, its wake and the energy it pumped into the air, shredded the cloud into vapor.

Then gravity reasserted itself and the pony plummeted back down to land lightly on the street far below.

A Rose By Any Other Color...

[It's a beautiful day in the neeeighborhood and Broncobuck Farmer's Market is bustling as usual! As crowded as it is, everypony still seems to be in a good mood! Well, almost everypony...]

Red! I ordered red roses! I specifically marked 'red' on the order form! Okay, okay, I know it's not your fault! I'm sorry, but what am I supposed to do with all of these pink roses?

[Kasumi sighs. Pink wouldn't do at all, but at least they tried.]

I guess they'd look okay in the window, but next week I absolutely must have red roses!

[If you don't catch Kasumi arguing with the flower stand owner, she might approach you later and thrust a bright pink rose at you.]

Hey! You look like you need a flower! Here you go!