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Welcome to Bridlewood! You probably have a few questions. Like who are you? What am I doing here? Why do I have hooves? Well, let me answer your question with a question. Who wants to RP some ponies?!

Equestria is a vast magical realm, filled with amazing creatures, incredible lands, thrilling dangers, and of course, ponies. Lots of ponies. Ponies from all breeds and creeds, from backgrounds you couldn't imagine. But one thing is for sure: Equestria's past is not all fun and games. It has a dark and mysterious side too.

Thousands of years ago, before even Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were born, the forces of darkness and strife gathered in a place they called The Netherbarn, where they plotted to overthrow Equestria and claim it for their sinister desires. They were strong, and those they rallied to their cause were numerous. Their victory seemed assured, if not for 6 ponies and the magic power they discovered: The Elements of Harmony. Driving the hordes of the Netherbarn back to their realm, their magic sealed The Netherbarn away for all time, protecting Equestria from those that would threaten peace and friendship.

In time, Equestria continued to grow. Pony civilization expanded, and a new era of peace took hold. Cities began to pop up that thrive to this day: Fillydelphia. Cloudsdale. Ponyville. Manehattan. And, of course, Bridlewood.

Bridlewood is a vast city, home to ponies from around the world. It's a major hub for travel in Equestria; visitors come every day with new stories to tell and adventures to share. And with so many ponies coming through all the time, the city has only grown. Huge fields. Tall buildings. Ominous castles. You can find it all here. But you can also find something else, too. For you see, Bridlewood was constructed on top of the remains of the gate to the Netherbarn. And after all these years, the gate is weakening...

What will you do in this slice-of-life/fantasy adventure? Will you eke out a normal life in Bridlewood and worry about whether your souffle will rise and other G-rated life problems? Or wil you be a denizen of the Netherbarn and set out to inflict your evil on the entire world? The choice is yours!

BRIDLEWOOD! For your slice of life, Pony AU Panfandom Game!

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